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Colors for Open Floor Plans

Open floor plans were increasingly trendy in 2022, a trend set to continue into 2023. Open floor plans introduce the ability to connect different areas of your home into one, allowing broader strokes and more coherence throughout your living space. However, choosing colors for open floor plans can be tricky because you want to create distinct zones within your home while having an aesthetic that flows.

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Keep a Limited Palette

It may be tempting to fill a large space with lots of colors, but this can quickly devolve into feeling too busy and cluttered. On the flip side, using only a single color for an expansive area can make it dull and generic.

Try to keep the palette to three or four colors, with a light shade, a neutral, and one or two accent colors. Remember that colors and color psychology can create a sense of comfort or motivation. Reds will help to enhance productivity, while shades of blue are calming. Check out Malted Milk and Cougar Brown for some neutral color inspiration. Winterwood and Horizon Gray are two more neutral shades we love.

Use Accent Colors

When using a light shade and a neutral tone, your accent colors need to pop. If your home has interesting features or angles, those are excellent places for a splash of bold color. You can use the same accent color on more than one wall, such as the east wall of one room and the west wall of an adjacent room. Decorative accents can also help incorporate color. Try using area rugs, throw pillows, or wall art.

We like to use the 60-30-10 rule when deciding on accent colors. Sixty percent of a space should be the primary neutral shade, thirty percent should be the secondary shade, and ten percent of the space should be reserved for an accent color. Our paint specialists are always able to help you choose the best colors and how much you’ll need of each.

Consider Tonal Colors

If painting accent walls aren’t your thing, you can add contrast using decorative items. Taking this route is a great idea if you change your interior style frequently. If that’s the case, our suggestion is to use the same color in different tones for the walls. Select a shade you love and use a subtly different tone for each area in your space. Doing this helps give distinction to rooms while keeping that open floor plan look and feel.

Colors for Open Floor Plans

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